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Audit by INLOCH™ is the third-party, non-biased aggregator and reporter of the information you need to navigate the slippery world of workforce compliance.

Our patent-pending technology and process solutions put the power in your hands.

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Contingent labor relationships rely on the contractual promises often agreed to by departments that never touch day to day operations.

These promises are often everyone’s best intentions, which may be difficult or even impossible to deliver in the real world. The result is terms that are not consistently delivered, or even parties that tactically underperform, some believing that the reward is greater than the risk. This can leave you holding the bag when that fateful day comes.

The ability to make strategic decisions based on metrics instead of the appearance of a strong relationship can make all the difference.

At INLOCH™ we’re dedicated to providing easy, transparent and consistent metrics to manage the risk of workforce compliance.

One system that provides all the compliance visibility that you need. Abbi™ can help you decide the information that’s important to you about your internal and contingent labor workforce.

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