How It Works

The Audit by INLOCH™ dashboard, Abbi™, is a:

  • Customizable
  • Secure
  • Individualized

Abbi™ can either utilize your current compliance program or use INLOCH's patent-pending risk models to efficiently check and recheck your internal and contingent workforce. A visual dashboard and customizable reports are available 24/7.

Abbi™ can connect directly to background check providers and to workforce vendors, automating processes that currently require teams of humans days to complete. Not only is efficiency improved, but accuracy of information and consistency of format across reports are greatly increased as well. With this system you can precisely and efficiently aggregate and audit data, house employees’ background results, and otherwise allow users to benchmark results against any records at their disposal.

Is your department being asked to do more with less? Audit by INLOCH™ is the answer. The manual process of peering at excel documents and matching them to internal and external systems is over. Gone are the days when an audit request goes out and then results come in weeks later, only to have everyone disagree on the results. Ever wanted to shine a bright light into the dark corners of workforce compliance?

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