Webinar: Federal Vaccine Mandate, State Vaccine Mandates and Employment Law

Join us on , at for an INLOCH Hosted Webinar on the Federal Vaccine Mandate, State Vaccine Mandates and Employment Law: What Employers Need to Know

On September 9, 2021 President Biden announced a vaccine mandate for private employers with 100+ employees and all federal contractors requiring that all employees either be vaccinated, or provide weekly negative testing results. Since the announcement several states, most notably California, have presented their own rules. The verbiage on the federal rule has already been presented to the White House for final approval and is expected to go into effect December 1st. While the rule itself hasn’t been presented, violations, per occurrence, are said to be $14,000.

Companies are working hard to understand the new federal and state rules and how to implement them without violating current laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

In this webinar, we’ll help employers understand:
1. What are the impacts of the mandates on employers
2. The tension between state and federal rules
3. What exemptions, exceptions and attestations mean for compliance
4. How to best comply with the mandates and best support their workforce
5. Penalties related to non-compliance
6. How to turn compliance into a competitive advantage
7. How INLOCH can help you become compliant quickly and eliminate risk of non-compliance

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