State or Federal?

What should employers do with the conflicting Federal and State vaccine mandate rules?

The current mosaic of conflicting rules and regulations reminds me of when I was six and tried a paint-by-numbers Sistine Chapel. How hard could it be, right? Except in the current situation instead of Moses ending up with a unibrow we’re literally facing lawsuits and government intervention.

In the last week we’ve had the U.S. Supreme Court reject two requests to block New York’s vaccine mandate for health care workers based on their constitutional right to religious exceptions. Which is a *big* *deal*. Yesterday we saw the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, initially responsible for the stay in the Biden Path Out of the Pandemic ETS, reinstate a mandate in 26 states, citing overreach by a lower Louisiana Court.

At least when I was done with my painting my Mom said that she liked it…

Littler Mendelson P.C. has compiled a great list of current employee vaccination mandates by jurisdiction, which you can find below.

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