Why Audit by INLOCH™?

Audit by INLOCH™ is the third-party, non-biased aggregator and reporter of information companies need to navigate the slippery world of workforce compliance.

The contingent worker population in just the United States is 57 million and growing, and managing necessary information, developing metrics, auditing the process and drilling for business intelligence is a daunting if not impossible task.

An economical, efficient and ethical system for monitoring one’s largest expense-human capital-is critical in today’s competitive markets.

With Audit by INLOCH™ you can audit consistently, store and manage results, and provide reports pivotal for navigating buying decisions and managing internal employee compliance. Audit by INLOCH™ reduces risk immediately and over time by recognizing, allocating and measuring the things that keep business leaders and the litigation team awake at night.

Whether you’re a contingent labor provider looking to monitor your own associate compliance, an organization that relies on a mix of permanent and contingent workers, or simply a company that wishes to manage your own risk portfolio, Audit by INLOCH™ has a solution for you.

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